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In memorium Richard C. Parker 1950ish -1986 | Adam Rubenstein 1970-2019


Riedl & Klymkowsky. 2022. How would Socrates teach science?ASBMB Today

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GoldLab Symp 2023: Coping with the Noisy Nature of Life in Teaching & other philosophical ruminationsNoise on arXiv

Rethinking (again) Hardy-Weinberg and genetic drift
, 2023.


courses: Fall 2023: Developmental Biology +Teaching & Learning BiologyGraduateCore-'23 + SkillsCenter

projects in progress
  • Using CHAT-GPT for student support and curricular feedback
  • Beyond Single Cells: sociocellular and developmental biology  - a biofundamentalist approach to sociocellular systems from bacteria to humans
  • Reactions and interactions: the conceptual disconnects between introductory chemistry and molecular biology courses
  • Mechanistic reasoning as a foundation for understanding biological systems (literature cited & useful readings) XDBER poster + pdf
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bioliteracy blog   archived: madscientist questions + answers 

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educational materials

core biology: biofundamentals (text)described web biofundamentals
beyond single cells: developmental mechanisms (perhaps)

introductory chemistry
:Chemistry, Life, the Universe & Everytying
(OER - pressbook) → described
organic chemistry: OCLUE (OER - pressbook) → described

videos from T&LB@CU & ETH : Blockbuster@ASBMB Today
GMO debate: Why beer goes bad

learning evolution

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update: 11 January 2023

Breaking the silence of an ancient pond a frog jumped into water, a deep resonance - Bashõ
Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it. – Albert Einstein

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