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Table of Methods updated -21 July 2003

Imunocytochemistry page:
MEMFA, Dent's Fix/Bleach, Curis Bleach


Recipe for LB media:
5g NaCl
10g casamino acids (or tryptone)
5g yeast extract
1ml 10M NaOH
water to 1 litre - use distilled water

dilute 1:1000 DEPC in distilled H2O
shake for 1 min. and allow to sit overnight.
Autoclave to remove DEPC, 
allow to cool

LB amp plates:
add 15g agar (sigma A7002)
- once cooled to ~60°C
-- add 1ml 100mg/ml ampicillin per litre
pour plates (~0.5cm thick)

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